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Our Story


9HappyPeople is an apparel company that aims to spread happiness. Using the softest fabric you'll ever touch, our fashionable clothing always shares a positive message and you'll feel good knowing that your purchase also made a difference!

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to the community. 9HappyPeople is setting 9hptshirt9vintageheatheredblue-1-83844.1437114026.400.559.jpga bold vision for how important this responsibility is ...

With every purchase, we donate 50% of our profits to help create jobs in Soutand East Dallas -- communities that need more than a bit of TLC. Yes, you read that right, we donate 50% of our profits! We know this is unheard of and we believe there are unprecedented steps needed to improve the state of our local communities.

Thanks to you, the THR!VE Leadership and Intern Program was the first recipient of a donation from 9HappyHappy People in the amount of $2,500 during the summer of 2015. You can learn more about this gift HERE.

While having a means of supporting yourself may not be your only source of happiness, it's a pretty good start. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality product that you'll enjoy and feel good when you wear it. In return, your purchase helps employ the people that need help the most. We hire local staff to print, package, and mail our shirts.

But it doesn't stop there.

50% of our profits go to organizations that support job creation and job training.

Our founders, Amrit and Candice, both spent time in management consulting tackling issues for some of the World's largest companies. They have also had the chance to build businesses.

Perhaps more importantly, they have been actively serving the very communities 9HappyPeople aims to make a difference in. 

Amrit serves a Board Member for Lumin Education (formerly known as East Dallas Community Schools) and is also an alumnus of the Dallas Mayor's Star Council.

Candice served as President of the Urban League Greater Dallas Young Professionals and is currently a member of Leadership Dallas - they both saw the need for jobs and the impact of unemployment so they decided to join forces and do something about it. 


After speaking with various community leaders, city workers, and economists the conclusion is simple - local, under-served communities need jobs to transform. With your help, we are creating jobs in communities that need help most. After raising more than $10,000 in less than 12 hours on Kickstarter, 9HappyPeople was born.

WHY 9?

We get this question often.

Simply put The Power of 9 is what our collective voices can achieve.If each one of us touches 9 lives and each of those individuals does the same with 9 more individuals, within 9 links we have covered the entire United States!

That’s it — it only takes The Power of 9 … It takes you! We invite you to get to know us and if you’re moved by what we’re doing, join us.

This is The Power of 9.