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What's a PBC and Why Should You Care?


So as many of you know 9HappyPeople is a proud public benefit corporation. It's on our website, we've mentioned it at different events and we communicate it on our different social media platforms. But what does it really mean to be a proud PBC and more importantly why should any of you care? Let's start with a basic definition. According to benefitcorp.com a benefit corporation is "a new class of corporation that voluntarily meets different standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency." Benefit corporations make it clear that their primary purpose is to create a visible impact on society. At their core, these corporations are a representation and reflection of many millennials' desire to integrate their passions with their workplace as opposed to tending to their passions in their spare time.

Maybe you're not a millennial, maybe you're apart of Generation X and you're wondering how the growing popularity of PBCs will fit into the traditional corporate model you've gotten used to or maybe you're a little younger and you're questioning how you will fit in at a PBC when you graduate from college. One of the greatest things abut benefit corporations is that they present an opportunity to bridge age gaps in the workplace. For the first time in American history, four generations of employees are playing a prominent role in the workforce. When you have a team made up of diverse age groups it can be a little difficult to find commonalities among employees. With a PBC employees get to bond over their work as well as the fact that they're all working towards a cause they are passionate about. 

Public benefit corporations also represent diversity of thought, as each corporation has a different model for social impact. Most will include giving some percentage of profits to charitable organizations but others like 9HappyPeople go a little bit further to make change. Elefint, a branding company, uses their work to make powerful statements on social justice and youth empowerment.Others like method Products, use packaging made from 100% recycled plastic and ship items using biodiesel trucks to positively impact the environment. Here at 9HP we not only donate 50% of our profits to local job training and creating organizations but we use a hiring strategy that employs community members to ship, pack and print shirts. If you want to read more about our commitment to end job inequality in under served Texas communities click here for more info.