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Habits of Happy People


Happy Tuesday Happy People! 

If you follow us over on Instagram (link here for those of you who still aren't hip) you know that we've been all about the #habitsofhappypeople lately. Now these aren't the habits that are going to give you a stress free, happiness all day everyday kind of life but they are pretty much guaranteed to put you in a better mood and make your work day run smoothly- which is close enough. Here'a a quick recap of last week's #habitsofhappypeople :

1) Organization

Quick tip:  Use digital and physical planners and calendars to make sure you stay on top of everything you have to do in a day. Using bright colors to hi light important times and events will keep you engaged and is a cute way to make your planner more interactive.

organization college students internship

2)  Relaxation

Taking time to yourself is super important but after you take some time to decompress and forget the pressures of work try bringing your work into your relaxing environment. It might not sound too fun or happy at first but you'd be surprised at how working from a new location will inspire you and give you fun new ideas. Trust me, there is isn't a better office space than the beach or under a cabana, pool-side (although the 9HP office space does come pretty close). 

san juan relaxation habits happy people

3) Breakfast

Some wise words on breakfast from our co-founder and CEO, Candice:  Eat breakfast. Everyday. It can be as small as a yogurt cup or as grand as Pancakes, Eggs and bacon (my fav.) Just don't skip! So when everyone else is starving at lunch when they skipped breakfast, your energy will still be high.

breakfast pancakes habits happy people